Every month, in the Rubiix newsletter, we look at some apps that are either tried and tested, or causing quite a stir amongst our clients and friends. This month we have compiled your favourite apps from all these articles this year. Have a look and see if your favourite is on this list, or revisit if you missed them


Dropbox: Rubiix Business Accountants use Dropbox for many parts of our business and taking documents to cloud not only makes working together, out of the office and with clients easier – not to mention safer! You can start a Dropbox Account for free and it is super easy to share files and collaborate on folders together as a team.



Zombies, Run! Some of us find it hard to run. Sure if there was someone chasing us we could run, but regular running doesn’t come to everyone. Enter Zombies, Run! App. This app helps you get moving by creating a story around why you are running and lets you know when you need to run for your life! This app isn’t free, but it’s inexpensive. There are several versions of this app (with different stories) and there looks like there will be more to come.



JotNot Scanner*

If you struggle to keep a track of all your receipts and are sick of having the traditional ‘shoe box’, this app is for you. You can use this app to scan all your business receipts and store them electronically. This will de-clutter your office, capture the potentially missed deductions from lost receipts and meet the ATO’s criteria for ‘proof of purchase’. The ATO accepts all electronic versions of receipts as long as they have not been altered, have been stored electronically for 5 years, are capable of being retrieved and read at all times by the ATO.



*The Jotnot Scanner app was shown by Megan Iemma from Techcoach HQ.

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