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We have been with Stuart and the team at Rubiix for over 15 years and during those years being based in Brisbane, Stuart has often been told about the excellent weather in comparison to Melbourne.

Aside from the weather discussion, Rubiix has been part of many facets of our financial lives as our circumstances over the years have changed quite a bit. The broad range of services they provide have helped us immensely on our journey of constant change and Rubiix has assisted us in every step forward.

I was high up in one of the largest privately owned companies in Australia and also owned a number of rental properties when things changed in the business I was working in, I then transitioned into a consulting role for a period of time. I made a decision to start my own business and work on growing it in both staff and turnover. With the guidance of Rubiix and the services they provide, it is now a well running business only going up each year.

Stuart and the team at Rubiix assisted and advised in many aspects of these changes in our lives, from dealing with the tax implication of my change in employment to starting and then running a business. His strategic thinking, business analytics, business planning and entity structure advice has been an asset to myself and our business through the start up to growing phase. His support on Xero troubles, payroll issues and general business chats has been invaluable.

We also have a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) that had borrowing arrangements in place that Stuart and the team assisted us with. We recently purchased a factory for our business to operate out of in the SMSF, after selling some existing properties, with Stuart’s expertise on structuring and tax savings.

Being based in Brisbane has not been an issue, as with modern technology we can communicate regularly, so distance is no longer a factor. Stuart also happily travels to Brisbane to meet with me on occasions which is also beneficial to our long standing working relationship. I have a great rapport with Stuart and his team and we always end up laughing about something while talking complex business issues.

We highly recommend Stuart and the team at Rubiix if you are a business owner or have complex personal tax circumstances. They genuinely care, are very friendly and are always ready to help where possible.






Daryl & Trudi Whitehead

We first met Stuart at a business networking function a number of years ago and we hit it off straight away due to his friendly and funny personality. In the past I worked in a finance type role so we both had knowledge on how business finances worked.

I own and run, along with my business partner, 3 separate franchises; 1 in Melbourne and 2 in Queensland of which Stuart and the team have provided great assistance to our businesses. Stuart was involved in the start-up phase of the Melbourne franchise and has been a valued resource in its rapid growth.

We meet regularly to discuss business strategy, tax planning, asset protection, structuring, planning and the normal running of a business issues. This type of advice is really valuable in complementing my plans for business improvement. We have a great time mixing business with great food and wine and plenty of laughs.

Myself and my business partner also have a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) that had borrowing arrangements, and recently Stuart advised in tax and structuring implications of transferring the property to a different entity structure, then purchasing a new commercial property in the Fund. The new property will become our new business factory. Having Stuart proactively advising in this process as well as fielding my many questions has been a great help.

We highly recommend Stuart and the Rubiix team for businesses in the franchise space. Having a trusted and valued business accounting firm with us along the journey eases some of the pressures associated with running a business but also gives us an avenue to seek help in any facet of business.

Simon Morcom

Snap Printing

We have been with the Rubiix team from conception of our business for our accounting services with Mark, Stuart and now Matthew – they have all been much more than just our accountants. We have used their knowledge and expertise to help in all financial decisions both personal and business for many years now with great success. Our businesses have been mainly in the agricultural industry as a farming family but we have also ventured into the network marketing and fitness industries along with an SMSF, where their advice and help has been invaluable. The team at Rubiix have a broad range of knowledge and we have asked some pretty curly questions at times but they always come up with the right answers.
Matthew is now our first port of call in Rubiix and after a visit to South Australia for end of financial year planning, I ventured to show him how a good football team can play, which was successful for the Crows but no so much for the Bulldogs. Can’t say his advice in football is that good!
Along with this we have come to know the team well on a personal level which has helped knowing they have our best interests at heart when giving the advice we need. We are now moving onto the next phase of our lives and passing onto our children some of the responsibilities of managing the farm and companies plus moving ourselves into retirement phase. The Rubiix team have been exceptional in the planning of this in order to achieve the best result and lesson the tax implications when preparing to pass on assets to our children.
I can thoroughly recommend their services, knowledge and expertise as accountants and financial advisers.

Lyndon N. Dolling

Maidon Pastoral Pty.Ltd.

I consider Rubiix my very own financial sounding board. For over 5 years, Rubiix has provided me with constructive advice on tax matters, business structure, capital gains, cash flow for investments and general business. From this, I was able to implement the necessary financial strategies to keep things moving forward.

Ezio & Bernie Ficorilli

We have been with Stuart and the team at Rubiix for over 4 years and from the beginning we have seen our large concreting business substantially grow from business losses into taxable profits.

Our joint passion for business success, footy,  gin and food has helped us form a trusting, professional relationship with the Rubiix team. The friendly and easy to deal with team ensure that no question is too big or small and they make knowing our business, their business.

Stuart and his staff are proactive in their advice and regularly review all facets of our business and personal structures to ensure they are the most tax effective. We receive ongoing advice not just on our business but also with asset protection and financing options.

His advice regarding our Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) has allowed us to purchase a new larger factory. Rubiix made the borrowing arrangements as stress free as possible by doing all that they could for us.

We could not recommend Stuart and the team at Rubiix enough if you are a business owner or have complex personal tax circumstances. They have been by our side every step of the business journey and having a trusted advisor has been the best thing for our business.

Darren Still & Rebecca Rosenbrock

R.E.D.S Concreting Pty Ltd

We consider the staff at Rubiix to be more like friends than business accountants. They are so easy going when it comes to preparing our individual tax submissions (which includes our investment properties) and now helping us to implement succession plans. It’s been a breeze, having been associated with their friendly team for over 10 years.

Graham & Lesley Farrell

I commenced my first business at the age of 24 and from the beginning, I engaged in accounting services from Rubiix. That was almost 10 years ago and Rubiix still provide me with valuable tax assistance and are easily accessible for all issues. I would highly recommend Rubiix to anyone looking for an accounting firm. They are quite the professional team.

The Park Hotel

Rubiix has been instrumental in my livestock business. In the first instance they helped me transition from being a small shareholder in our Sale based business to becoming a majority business owner. This period was very stressful and complex as I was taking over from long standing business owners where tax, financing and structuring the deal was an issue. Rubiix made this as smooth a process as possible, helping with contract issues through to making sure my financial structure was the most tax effective as well as commercially effective.

Rubiix now assists me on a regular basis to help me manage my business. I can call them when I need to discuss any issues that arise in my daily running of the business; such as asset finance or effective tax deductions, and they answer my questions in a way that is easy to understand. They are proactive and contact me when I need to get something done, and are always providing ideas that can improve my business.

 Matthew and Stuart are very professional and easy to get along with, are available when I need them and can simplify my business when required to improve my knowledge. I would recommend Rubiix to anyone looking for excellent business advice.

Ben Greenwood

Greenwood Livestock Pty Ltd

Together, with Stuart at Rubiix, we were able to put together a customised tax plan, structure and processes for my sign writing business.

Russell Sargent

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