At Rubiix Business Accountants we love LifeHacks and like having a laugh over life hacks like this one – hacks to warm up a freezing office. We asked around the Rubiix team and have put together our Work Hacks for power productivity.


  1. Unplug: designate 1 hour a day that you will switch off access to email, your phone, even the internet if you can. In this hour you can do the work that requires more focus than you allow yourself during the rest of the day.
  2. Consider undertaking a time analysis study to find out what you spend your time on during the day. Better yet – consider using RescueTime which will tell you how you spend your time, by monitoring which applications and programs you use on your PC.
  3. Before you open your inbox in the morning complete one task that you wish you had got done yesterday.
  4. Standing or walking meetings. With massive connections between long term health concerns and a sedentary lifestyle uber business people are now starting to hold meetings while walking or, at least, standing. Not only does this circulate blood around our body but people tend to keep the meeting short and to the point when they are walking at the same time.
  5. Find one task each month, for you or your staff, that can be automated. This means that next month you won’t waste time on it anymore and by the end of the year you may well have shaved off hours of wasted time.


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