Review your current accounting software

As we approach the end of this financial year, July is a great opportunity to review the current accounting software you may be using in your business. There have been significant changes to the accounting software landscape over the last several years, enabling business owners to view cash-flow and make decisions about their business more easily even if they are not in the office or are able to speak to their book keeper.

The simple fact is technology is moving to a complete automation in a ‘cloud’ environment. This means many accounting packages are now web based without a need to install a program onto your PC or laptop, and where programs do need to be installed, there is interaction with the internet making it easy for those offsite (i.e.: accountants and bookkeepers) to access your accounting data.

Web based programs are fantastic for those business owners who are quite often travelling between meetings or clients, be it locally, interstate or overseas or working from home. Where ever you are and what ever time it is, you can view your up to date business information online. There are also facilities to invoice and email directly from the programs, take payments on the spot and import bank transactions (usually seen on bank statements) directly into the software.

Quite simply, the move to the ‘cloud’ will make access to your business data easier and improve the efficiencies in running your business, both in the short and long term.

Rubiix has expertise in this new world of cloud computing, namely MYOB Account Right Live, MYOB Essentials and Xero.

If you want less headaches, prompt access to your data and more efficiencies in running your business, contact Rubiix today for further information.

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