It’s the age old “…I’ve got plenty of time, I’ll get onto it, it will only take 5 minutes…” when we have to do paperwork and it’s no different when preparing for tax returns to be processed.

Having your tax affairs up to date and done in a timely manner means that any tax refunds will be processed and in your bank account earlier and you won’t have the ATO breathing down your neck.

For some, getting that refund back each tax year provides some additional relief in the household as it pays for car registration, helps in the payment of other household necessities or even a relaxing holiday.

Start thinking about your tax documents now and have it all ready to be sent into our office in the coming 3 months. The earlier you get your work in the earlier the refund will be in your bank account!

To assist clients in streamlining the processes and sending in the correct information, in early July Rubiix will have questionnaires available for the 2016 tax year on the website to download. We will also email clients with details on where to find the questionnaires online or alternatively attach PDF files to the emails.

If you would like to discuss your requirements or have queries on any tax matters relating to your situation, please contact one of our Rubiix community members.

Submitted by Elisa Stocco – click here to email Elisa

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