At Rubiix, we understand the necessary considerations one needs to take to allow the dream to unfold. For the next 9 months in our newsletter you will find an article with hints and tips for working on setting up your own start up. First up we have some notes on industries that are expected to experience growth in the coming years. So if your industry’s in this list now might be time to press play on your start up.

Cotton: Agriculture is at the top of the industries expected to experience growth in the near future. This is mainly because of the growth expected in the Cotton sector.

Organics: Organic farming has been on the rise for the last few financial years and will continue to grow. Last financial year the organic farming sector was expected to increase by over 5% and this growth is expected to continue as organic foods become mainstream.

Homewares: Along with the residential housing market increasing and building on the up Homewares retailers are enjoying, and should expect to continue to enjoy growth. Discretionary income increases have improved the market for homewares as well.

Aged care & mobility aides: The aged care, mobility and independent living sectors have enjoyed growth and product variation over the last 10 years and this should continue steadily in to the future. The aging population need assistance and technology has enabled new products to come into the market.

Next month the Rubiix Start Up Series will revisit our start up checklist. Look forward to joining you on this journey!



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