Did you resolve to lose weight, get fit or quit fast food this year? Well your not the only one! By February most of us have already #failed at our New Years Resolutions, although what would your 2015 look like if your accountant choose your New Year’s Resolutions for you? What does your accountant think you should do in 2015?


  1. Get on ‘the cloud’

From a business and accounting point of view data loss can be devastating and the impact can be heartbreaking. This is probably the first reason we would recommend moving to the cloud (particularly using a platform like dropbox, which can automatically back up your data). Then after that we would recommend other cloud applications (like voice over ip phones) because using these makes your business more nimble – in the case that you need to need to scale back or up quickly and without too much financial backlash.  The cloud will also help you reduce your ongoing IT costs, as there will be less need to replace hardware and will mobilise collaboration in your team.


  1. Stay in contact with professionals that you already pay to help you

Just like this newsletter, you will receive newsletters and contact from many businesses that you are already has a partnership with. More than likely these newsletters (or events, mail outs or emails) have some content in them that would be useful to the day to day running of your business. So instead of calling in your lawyer/accountant/coach only when you’re in trouble – stay in contact and pursuit to the advice that they are giving you for free – probably every month!


  1. Keep your books in shape

Well this is not unexpected, but if your account was in charge of your life, your number one resolution would – keep your books in order! Every year there millions of dollars in late penalty notices sent out to businesses and citizens each year. We suggest that a whole heap of these could be avoided if people and businesses had kept their books in order. Set aside some time, every day, week or month to work on your books, depending on the extent of transactions you have.


  1. Invest in development

Your skills and your employee’s skills are one of the most import assets’ that your business has. Learning and development programs are good news for your team’s productivity, morale and with any hope affect the overall financial position of your company’s growth. Ask you accountant to explain what the rules are and how you can best leverage learning and development to minimise your taxes.


  1. Help your team connect

If your business is reliant on team work, ensuring that your team is working like a well-oiled machine that the dynamics are functioning. You might do this by consultant that specialises in your field, for instance specialised team work workshops for sales team is a popular.


If you would like a speak to your accountant about your goals in 2015 – it’s not too late! Contact our friendly staff at Rubiix for further advice.



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