Clients that are using our MYOB Portal to sign their tax returns and activity statements digitally, know how time efficient and easy it is to get those forms signed; plus it’s helping us be more environmentally friendly as it’s all electronic. As we are dealing with confidential details, security to protect these details is most important to us and MYOB. In recent times, MYOB has enabled a feature called two-factor authentication (aka 2FA) to secure client’s login to the Portal; this 2FA is also a common feature with Gmail and Hotmail, when enabled by the user.

 For clients that have activated the two-factor authentication feature
During the setup process, you would have downloaded an app called “Authenticator”. Once this feature is enabled, during the sign in process to the MYOB Portal, you’re required to use an authentication code provided by the app to allow access to then approve the tax forms uploaded by us to your MYOB portal. Below is a link to illustrate the sign-in process with 2FA: http://help.myob.com/wiki/display/sec/Signing+in+with+two-factor+authentication

For clients who want to deactivate the 2FA feature or do not want to use it;
While this two-factor authentication process is an optional feature; MYOB will prefer to enforce this option, but you do have the option of disabling it. Before doing so, ensure you have a strong, secure password as part of your MYOB portal login. When you are prompted to activate the 2FA feature, you have the option of delaying it for up to 6 months.

If you already have the security feature and would like to deactivate it, please follow the illustration on this link to turn it off

For those clients who are not already signing their tax documents digitally with Rubiix, and would like to, please contact our office or your client manager directly. We will happily assist you in becoming an avid user of our private MYOB portal.

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