Logit Fleetcare is Australia’s first free and fully ATO compliant vehicle logbook app. It provides users the ability to easily record their personal or business journeys using GPS, effortlessly publish their logbooks at the end of every 12 week period and eliminates the need for a paper logbook.

Upon first login you’ll need to register your vehicle details for ATO purposes. After this, you won’t need to do it again. Logging your trip couldn’t be easier.

Logit Fleetcare is very clever. It remembers your end odometer reading from your previous trip and logs it straight to your next journey as your start odometer. It also allows you to record your favourite journeys so you can automatically select them every time you travel. If you forgot your phone or need to log a retrospective trip for any reason Logit Fleetcare lets you do that too using the Manually Record Trip function.

If you use your car predominately for business use, one method that can be used to claim the expense relating to your car is the log book method. This method requires you to maintain a log book for a 12 week period. This ATO compliant logbook app means you no longer have to fill in a paper log book. This app helps you record your business use of the car on your device using the map technology.

You are still required to use the log book for 12 week period to record the business use of your car, but the app conveniently remembers your previous odometer reading.

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