If an organisation has tax detectability status, then gifts and donations to them are tax deductible. Usually it is easy to find out if an organisation has deductible gift recipient status, most organisations will use this as a selling point when campaigning for your donation. Although, if you do want to check this information, it is available when you search for a company on the ABN search website.


In order to ensure that your gift or donation is tax deductible, you need to make sure that:

  • That the organisation you are giving to has a deductible gift recipient status
  • Your donation/gift is either money, property and/or shares
  • The type of donation that you’re giving is suitable for the conditions on the gift recipient status. More than likely the organization will approach you about the gift that they require and that is of metal tax benefit.

Other than gifts or donations, there are other ways that you can ensure that your business is acting socially responsible, this can be done by ensuring that your business runs to its greenest capacity (there are consultants in this field if you need help) or you can allow your team members to have a certain amount of voluntary leave each year (this may be as simple as 6 hours a year, where they can donate their time to a worthy cause). Make sure you capitalise on being a social responsible business, because in promoting what you do, you are likely to come across like minded contacts that may be another form or client acquisition, marketing or PR.
Submitted by: Eric Farrance – Senior Manager

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