Like other technology issues, businesses are optimistic their IT practices are robust and able to cope with issues however businesses don’t typically have the assurances or confidence this will actually happen.
Like all IT disciplines, Cyber Security management requires a strategy which needs to be communicated and measured.

Here are 5 steps required to ensure you mitigate risk:
1. Passwords-they need to be changed every 90 days, so that’s e-mail, modems, firewalls and other network devices
2. Software – You need anti-virus and internet security software running on all machines
3. Software Updates – Cyber criminals exploit vulnerabilities in software, software developers release updates to close off the vulnerabilities, so it vital those updates are managed and kept up to date
4. Ensure users don’t have administrative rights to their PC’s or laptops
5. Be pro-active not re-active. It’s Compliance for IT, there are a number of checks that need to be completed every month, it will keep you productive as even one cyber security incident will be costly

We often get asked why cyber security has now become an issue and why it is so incredibly malicious. The answer is the increase in broadband speed over the last 10 years. You might recall the macro viruses that hit Word and Excel, at the time they were a productivity killer but they are nothing compared to the true cost of a ransomware attack.

It’s important you have an IT strategy, and it needs to be linked to your business’s objectives. The strategy doesn’t need to be complex and it shouldn’t include IT jargon, the intention should be use technology to add to business productivity and to look to reduce some costs.

This is what we do every day, we work with Professional Services businesses and our objectives are;
1. Increase client productivity
2. Look to be cost neutral, we do this by trying to save you more money than we charge you

Technology is vital to your business, we treat your business like it’s our own, it’s all about ownership, we don’t use ticket numbers, we just fix problems.

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