This month’s case study focuses on how Rubiix assisted a client in their tender for a government contract.

Recently, a client came to us advising that they were putting in a tender for a government contract and asked if we would be able to assist them with the submission.

As Rubiix has a wide variety of services and resources and enjoy assisting clients in all facets of business, we liaised with the client to ascertain the requirements for this tender.

There was an application that needed to be completed, one section asking for financial information regarding the business.

Some of the information requested included: –

  • Prior year financial statements
  • Budgets and cash flow analysis for the next 3 years factoring in the impact of this government contract
  • Ratio analysis in the following areas of the business:
    • Liquidity
    • Debt and equity position
    • Return on investment performance
    • Debt coverage
  • Financial reports for any related entities

All this information was to be collated and submitted for the tender within 2 business days. Along with all the details required, Rubiix needed to do a thorough review of the business and from the review we could comfortably make assertions on the performance, position and structure of the business. There was a lot of detail and information to put together for this tender and working closely together with the client, the submission was made within the 2 business day deadline.

The client was very happy with the result, as were we knowing that we have been able to support a client in their business venture.

Now for the waiting game…

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