Everyone needs to be aware and cautious when looking through their emails, especially when there could be viruses hidden within attachments and links in emails.

Over the past year there have been virus emails posing as Origin Energy, ASIC, Via Go (QLD e-tag) & even the ATO being sent around Australia waiting for the unsuspecting person to click and download the virus.

Today we have been notified by a vigilant client of a new email that is now being sent by “Shift Strategies” relating to un-lodged tax returns; claiming there is a requirement to sign and return forms for lodgement.  THIS IS A HOAX & VIRUS EMAIL.  If you happen to receive one, please delete it immediately…

If you receive an email discussing your tax returns or tax related matters, to be on the safe side, ALWAYS call Rubiix office first to clarify – especially if it doesn’t come from Rubiix.

Some simple steps to cover yourself from any harm:-

  • ensure your anti-virus software is up to date on all your PC’s; or buy software if you don’t have it
  • make sure you have a regular back up procedure for your computers and devices
  • ALWAYS check the actual email address the email is from, not just the name
  • if you don’t know the sender and it “looks” fake, it probably is- so delete it
  • if you are unsure if it is a legitimate email from Rubiix, call our office- it’s better to be safe than sorry

If you would like to review your current back up procedures, perhaps need to create one or even look into anti-virus software, please contact us and we can connect you with another fellow Rubiix Community member.

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