Perhaps your New Year’s Resolution is to be more productive or just to use your time more effectively, in which case you will need to find ways to shave off some of the wasted time that weighed you down in the years before. This month in our Business Apps series we look at three apps that will shave off time ‘fat’ in your life.

  1. SignNow: Depending on your line of work you might spend hours (if not much more) a year signing documents. With SignNow you can open documents from email, Dropbox, the Camera app and other apps and quickly place your signature in the correct position and save – done!
  2. Hightail. Have you ever wasted time waiting for a response to an email that didn’t get delivered due to attachment size. Avoid the hassle with digital delivery systems like Hightail. With it you can upload a big file to the Hightail server and then send a share link (directly from the app).
  3. Freedom: The good people over at Freedom say that each time we open our email, check social media or attend to a ‘bing’ on your phone (in guise of web notification), that we lose 23 minutes of time while we refocus. Freedom blocks you out of all these distractions and gives you back your ‘freedom’ by taking it away… Sadly Freedom doesn’t come free (or cheap). There are 7 free trail passes for first time users though.


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