Starting a business? Take a Look at Cloud Based Software.

Cloud based and recent digital improvements have made starting a new business more accessible to more people. For many entrepreneurs, particularly service based, are able to use cloud based software to start up their start up quicker, with less of a financial investment to begin with, as well as leveraging technology to improve business processes from the get go. So if you are about to launch your dream, here are some cloud based solutions that might help:


Payment Solution – Square

The big banks (and the small ones) offer merchant solutions. The payment structure for these is complex and can mean committing to a provider or having wired technology. Enter – Square! Square is the portable merchant solution that enables you to work anyway, and take payments too. Square, and players like it, mean you can be working at your market stall, at your clients premises or delivering your products and accepting credit payments on the spot. Start up providers like Square general involve a small hardware investment and less (or no) monthly or transaction fees.


Accounting Solution – Xero

Xero offers a cloud-based accounting solution, which is simple, clean to look at and is scaleable as your business grows. As it is cloud based all you need is the internet and you can your data from anywhere – this is particularly useful for invoicing on the go or working from home. We are Xero Certified Advisors, so if you have questions about Xero please contact us.

Workforce Tracking – Tanda

There are many time tracking apps and cloud based solutions, in fact there is one built into Xero. These tracking solutions are particularly useful for businesses that rely on client billing based on time, as well as useful for payroll to manage hours worked. Tanda also offers a full suite of HR solutions like online employee on boarding, rostering, leave management and award interpretation.

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