At Rubiix we believe in embracing technology to make positive changes for your business, as well as for your professional and financial goals. This month we have compiled our top 3 personal finance apps.


TrackMySPEND – ASIC/MoneySmart

TrackMySPEND helps you track your personal expenses and use the downloadable reports to see how you are spending your money. You can export your data in .csv format – so if you are partial to an Excel spread sheet then this app is for you. The TrackMySPEND app also has a tracking bar so you can see where your spending tracks against your disposable income. The TrackMySPEND app is really good for people wanting to set goals and design a budget that will work for them.


Mint – Intuit

Mint is a really popular personal finance app. The simple dashboard app gives you’re a real-time and complete look into all of your finances, from bank accounts to credit cards. With all the information at the ready you can make spending decisions based on your real financial situation. Mint uses simple graphs and tracking bars, and is really easy (in some cases automatic) to use.


Wally – napkin SAL

For those of us that need an app to be pretty to make sure you use it, and then Wally is the expense tracker for you. Wally is free and helps you track expenses by photographing the receipt. Wally can also utilise your location services to figure out where you are, so that logging the expense is even quicker. Wally also has options to log in billing due dates and savings goals.



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