The entrepreneurial spirit is often more about tenacity and creativity than it is about organisation and efficiency. However there are many apps that are perfect for the passionate entrepreneur, and most of them make the mundane quite fun​.​

These our favourite apps for the entrepreneur:

Adobe eSign Manager DC: The signature of a busy entrepreneur is often in high demand. Whether it be a contract sign off or approval for ‘the’ next big deal there is no sense in waiting till you are in the office to sign ‘that’ document. Adobe eSign Manager makes it easy to sign on the run, as well as storing/tracking the document for later on.

Uber: Where would an entrepreneur be without adoption of other start up services (particularly those that are taboo/maybe illegal)? Certainly not in the back of an Uber. If you like to shirk the rules when en route, then Uber is for you.

ExpenseBot: There are a few expense apps available and at Rubiix we love them all (because keeping track of business expenses is super cool) but ExpenseBot has some extra cool factors. ExpenseBot uses the camera on your device to capture the receipt, then the information will auto fill (when possible) an expenses report and add to your credit card charges data – ready to export the report when you need to.

Dropbox: Rubiix Business Accountants use Dropbox for many parts of our business and placing documents in cloud not only makes working together easier, also working out of the office and liaising with clients easier – not to mention safer! You can start a Dropbox Account for free and it is super easy to share files and collaborate on folders together as a team.


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