The speed that Pokémon Go has grown, and the pure pandemonium of it all, is unprecedented. Some businesses have found ways to leverage the sudden increase of foot traffic around their stores/restaurants/frontage into real life paying customers. To start making the most out of Pokémon Go (before Nintendo start charging more for it) you just need to play the game. Here’s how:

  1. Gyms & PokeStop

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game, which makes use of the real world as part of the game. As the players move around the real world they came across Pokémon to catch, generate rewards at PokéStops and refine their skills at Gyms. Businesses wanting to leverage Pokémon Go traffic around their business will need to find out if their business is a Gym or PokéStop. To do this you will need to download the app and start playing the game. PokéStop’s are signified by floating blue boxes above the location and Gyms are signified by elaborate tall structures that are surrounded by spotlights. If your business is Gym or PokéStop (or close to one) that explains why there has been an increases in people out the front, now you just need to figure out how to get them inside and spending up big.

  1. Go to the Pokémon

Even if your business is not close by a PokéStop or a Gym then you can still maximise on Pokémon traffic by going to the traffic. Download the app and start playing and after not long you will start to figure where the local Gyms and PokéStops are. Once you know where they are you can take your business to them. This might mean you take a sign written vehicle to a PokéStop or offer taste testers near a Gym. Just make sure that you are able to legally conduct business or promotion in the location, and if you are sending staff that they are safe.

  1. Lures

A lure, is much like it sounds, a lure lures Pokémon Go users to a location. By dropping a lure you can literally pull foot traffic to your business, and then if you are able to offer the Pokémon catchers a product/service you will likely convert a few catchers into your customers. Lures are available as in-app purchases, so you can easily control when you drop them and prepare your space for the hoards. Lures are cost effective and are available in the shop section of the app.


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