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Over the coming year Rubiix will be sharing details of various apps that business owners may find useful in their everyday working life, to keep up to date with the fast moving tech age. In this series, we take a look at several handy apps that can make a difference in business tax queries, logbooks and storage of paperwork. These apps will begin to turn your smart phone or tablet devices into a useful business tool, other than using them just to make or take calls and checking emails.

ATO app

ato app

The ATO’s app amongst other things is a helpful tool for your simple business tax queries. It can work out:
– if your staff are deemed as contractors or employees
– calculate what tax to withhold from staff pays
– if you need to pay super and calculate how much
– calculate your fuel tax credits

It also provides information for individuals and Self Managed Super Funds.




If you use your car predominately for business use, one method that can be used to claim the expense relating to your car is the log book method. This method requires you to maintain a log book for a 12 week period.
This ATO compliant logbook app means you no longer have to fill in a paper log book. This app helps you record your business use of the car on your device using the map technology.
You are still required to use the log book for 12 week period to record the business use of your car, but the app conveniently remembers your previous odometer reading.



JotNot Scanner*


If you struggle to keep a track of all your receipts and are sick of having the traditional ‘shoe box’, this app is for you.
You can use this app to scan all your business receipts and store them electronically. This will de-clutter your office, capture the potentially missed deductions from lost receipts and meet the ATO’s criteria for ‘proof of purchase’. The ATO accepts all electronic versions of receipts as long as they have not been altered, have been stored electronically for 5 years, are capable of being retrieved and read at all times by the ATO.




*The Jotnot Scanner app was shown by Megan Iemma from Techcoach HQ.

Screenshots were sourced from the App’s marketing materials and the rights to the images remains theirs.


Submitted by: Stuart Coulthard- Director 

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