Our Business Apps article this month is focused on productivity. Technology is a brilliant way to take stock of the work that you are doing and how you can improve it.


Connect Better: Citrix GoToMyPC

Many wasted hours are spent when we are on the road, or at home, trying to complete a simple task – however not being able to access an important piece of information from your office desktop makes it impossible. However ‘Citrix GoToMyPC’ transforms your tablet device into a portal to work psychical workspace. In order to utilise the Citrix GoToMyPC app on your tablet you will need an active subscription to Citrix’s service, which will set you back $11.95US a month (per user), which is in the expensive range for remote desktop subscriptions but not unreasonable for what it enables. Remote technology isn’t perfect, there are delays and multi-tasking can be limited. However finding an old email, or file you forgot to move from ‘My Documents’ wont take long at all, and will make working remotely much easier.



Finally someone is listening: Dragon Dictationdragon-dictation-iphone-pic

Television has sold us the idea that success comes with a new office, a solid oak desk and an assistant that will take dictation from you. Unfortunately in this is rarely true. Although with the Dragon Dictation technology can make this dream a reality. Although, Dragon Dictation is much more than just a dictation app, it is more like a personal assistant, and it integrates cloud software, to translate and edit your musings. The specifies for the app’s functions will be dependant on your platform, however you can expect to be pleasantly surprised about the quality of the translation, and to be able to repurpose your transcript to a Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS or just copy it so you can paste it wherever you need to. There are versions available for your tablet and your phone, so you will be able to take your show on the road.



Submitted by: Matthew Muscat – Senior Accountant

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