There is no doubt that taking care of yourself is great for your overall health, as well as increasing your productiveness during your work day and helping you take on your business goals with conviction. This month Gulsen will take a look at her favourite fitness apps!


  1. Zombies, Run! Some of us find it hard to run. Sure if there was someone chasing us we could run, but regular running doesn’t come to everyone. Enter Zombies, Run! App. This app helps you get moving by creating a story around why you are running and lets you know when you need to run for your life! This app isn’t free, but it’s inexpensive. There are several versions of this app (with different stories) and there looks like there will be more to come.



  1. Let’s WOD: Crossfit’s flagship WOD (workout of the day) helps keep work outs interesting and deadly. If you know someone who does Crossfit you will already know how all consuming it is. With Let’s WOD they can take their obsession to a new more recorded and analysed level. Also once they have recorded a few of their workouts on the app they can use it for ideas when they can’t get to the gym.



  1. Charity Miles: It feels so good to get out on a Sunday morning with a few thousand of your closest friends to raise money for a charity you care about. Although did you know that there are more virtual (and regular) ways to do this? With Charity Miles you can earn money for a charity every time you run or cycle! The funds come from corporate sponsors and this really is an every body wins situation!





Submitted by: Gulsen Krastic – Support Services

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