Whether you are interested in networking to find like-minded professionals, new co-workers or connections for the future there is an event somewhere in your city that will help. The real world connections you make at an event often can’t be surpassed by digital connections, but you can use technology to enrich your networking experience. Check out our favourite apps for the super networker.


CamCard: Many well-meaning networkers go to networking functions and events and come home with a bundle of business cards that they never do anything with. As the cards pile up they become even harder to contemplate transferring to your phone or email contact list – however with CamCard you can quickly scan and record the data to use how you please later on.


Meetup: Whether you are obsessed with pocket squares, garden elves or entrepreneurship there will be a Meetup group for you. The Meetup app allows you to find and book in to these groups. The search function allows you to search by type and location, so no matter where you are you will be able to find a group to network with!


Facebook Groups: Like Meetup there are plenty of Facebook groups that you can join to connect with like-minded professionals, other business owners and people in the same profession as you. You can use the groups to reach out to find ‘real life’ networking opportunities as well as network online in the actual by making posts and comments.


LinkedIn: It’s not surprising that the professional networking site would have an app that would make our networkers app list. The LinkedIn app makes it quick and easy for you to make the most out of business contacts and recent contacts made by reaching out soon after you have networked with someone. There are also groups and content that enable further virtual networking as well.


Namerick: While there is a small fee for this app and it’s a little bit of a gimmick – if you would like to be a super networker you will already know that you can not commit networking faux pas and forget someone’s name. With Namerick you can quickly note someone’s name and add notes and identifiers. Then when you see them out at the next networking event you can quickly search your notes and their name will appear.


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