This month we are looking at Apps that are great on your tablet. Because tablets are at a lower price point than laptops more of our workforce has access to them. The tablet has changed the way we work and increased our ability to access information quickly, while on the run and without having to lug heavy equipment around. So which apps will make your tablet a star at work?


Since the advent of the tablet many app developers have tried to emulate the pen and paper. Unfortunately the feeling of holding a pen and marking a piece of paper is surprisingly hard to emulate. However the latest attempt might be the answer. Penultimate is like many other note taking apps, because it has colour functions, has the ability to divide notes into notebooks and can connect to the television/presentation screens. However probably the biggest difference is that Penultimate doesn’t require a stylist ‘pen’, instead you use your index finger. This app is actually designed so you can use your finger and the app is designed to interpret your strokes. This means that you don’t need to buy another accessory or remember to bring your new accessory along with you to meetings. Oh and the app is free!


Priority Matrix

One of the biggest problems for professionals, especially entrepreneurs, is managing their ‘to do list’ and their time effectively. We all wish that we had more time, but the reality is that there is no way to get more hours in the day. However there are many ways to manage your time better and rationalise how you can prioritise your tasks. One way is the most famous lecture/text on time management given by Randy Pausch (you can watch it here). In this lecture he used the cube to do list which separates and prioritises tasks to help you understand what is or isn’t important. The Priority Matrix app brings that same concept onto your tablet device. While its functions are like many other time management apps, the central idea behind the app is what’s genius.


Submitted by: Stuart Coulthard- Director 

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Screenshots were sourced from the App’s marketing materials and the rights to the images remains theirs.


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