With summer impending and the holiday season just a few weeks away, a few of us will be taking the show on the road and will need to take our work home with us. Apps (for your laptop, tablet or phone) can help make staying connected to your work, and colleagues, easier than in the past. This month we will take a look at some of these apps.

Dropbox: Rubiix Business Accountants use Dropbox for many parts of our business and taking documents to cloud makes working together, out of the office and with clients easier – not to mention safer! Just about every time we have a list of favourite types of apps Dropbox is on for some reason or another. You can start a Dropbox Account for free and it is easy to share files and collaborate as a team.

Citrix GoToMyPC: Often when you are trying to get some work done at home you can easily get frustrated by not being able to access data you didn’t put on the cloud. However ‘Citrix GoToMyPC’ transforms your tablet device into a portal to work psychical workspace. There is a fee to use this app, but if it saves frustration and wasted trips in to the office then it might work out well for you. Of course the negative is that remote technology isn’t perfect, which might cause delays and multi-screens can be limited. However finding an old email, or file you forgot to move from ‘My Documents’ wont take long at all, and will make working remotely much easier.

Collaboration Apps. There are a few collaboration apps in the market, #Slack, Trello and Asana to name a few. Basically these apps help create an online space for colleagues to discuss work and update each other of their progress. Often these platforms work like facebook and you can tag each other in posts, send notifications and share some friendly chat. These platforms help keep the workforce connected when they are apart.


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