There are literally millions of Apps that you can download to your smartphone – some free and some paid. Many thousands of these are business focussed productivity apps. We could not possibly review all business apps in one blog post but we’ve picked 4 we currently love and wanted to share them with you.

Invoice2Go – Invoice2Go is an Australian founded app that allows you to save time and get paid faster. You can create invoice templates on your phone and send them directly to clients as soon as you have finished a job. Their own website suggests that they can save users up to 3 hours per week.

MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks or other Cloud Based Bookkeeping Software – As a client of ours you’ll have heard us promote the benefits of Cloud Accounting and Bookkeeping software before. Some of the products make an app for your smartphone. No longer do you need to be in front of your computer to manage your business. You can send quotes, record receipts and reconcile bank payments where ever you are throughout your day.

Trello – Trello is a Cloud based project management tool. You can use Trello to manage your own tasks and create team “Boards” to manage tasks with teams. This is a great app for personal tasks as well. Trello can be used to plan holidays, parties and other personal tasks as well as business tasks.

Wunderlist – Wunderlist brings your to do list to the cloud. No matter what you are looking to do, Wunderlist can help you keep track of your list. You can create multiple task lists and share them if need be. If you have a shared task list it will sync automatically so you’ll know if a task has been completed.
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